Cancer Surgery

Surgical intervention is the most important treatment option in the management of cancer. In most of solid cancers (other than blood cancers) in relatively early stages (Stage I & II) as well as advanced stages (Stage III and Stage IV) in some cases, surgery has a potential to improve survival and other important outcomes, including cure in many cancers. Surgery for removal of cancer is recommended to be first treatment option in many cancers.

Dr. Tejal Khadakban and Dr. Dhiraj Khadakban both being trained at most reputed institution of India, into performing cancer surgeries do offer surgical interventions to patients who walk into to Phoenix and in those patients where surgery is recommended as a best treatment modality.

Dr. Tejal has a keen interest in following surgeries especially related to cancers in females

  • Breast Cancer Surgery
  • Ovarian Cancer Surgery
  • Cervical Cancer Surgery

Dr. Dhiraj has his interest having done maximum surgeries in following cancers irrespective of gender of patients.

  • Gastric Cancer Surgery (Stomach)
  • Colon Cancer Surgery (Intestine)
  • Lung Cancer Surgery
  • Head and Neck Cancer Surgery
  • Kidney Cancer Surgery
  • Prostate Cancer Surgery

Since inception of Phoenix cancer clinic & hospital till today, Dr. Tejal Khadakban and Dr. Dhiraj Khadakban has successfully performed over 3000 cancer surgeries, adding to their overall experience in this field. Their success has been the accurate diagnosis of cancer as well as the right staging of cancer which is a preamble to the success of the surgery. Best outcomes with surgery can only be achieved if it is offered to right patient at right stage of cancer and both Dr. Tejal Khadakban and Dr. Dhiraj Khadakban have lived this logic in their practise.

Cancer Chemotherapy, Targeted therapy & Immunotherapy

Phoenix cancer clinic & hospital maintains a close network of renowned and fellow medical oncologists in Kalyan and Thane region where they usually refer their patients for chemotherapy wherever recommended. In some cancers, chemotherapy / systemic treatment (Targeted therapy and Immunotherapy) is recommended prior or after cancer surgery whereas in some cancers, it is the only recommended option (especially stage IV cancers). Dr. Dhiraj Khadakban and Dr. Tejal Khadakban truly believe in a multidisciplinary treatment approach in which they discuss each cancer case under their observation with other specialities of cancer like chemotherapy specialists and radiation therapy specialists and offer patients the best treatment recommended suitable to their type and stage of cancer.

Radiation Therapy

Phoenix cancer clinic & hospital do not have an inbuilt radiation therapy machine however they refer their patients for treatment with radiation to renowned radiation therapy cancer specialists in the vicinity of Thane and Kalyan

Cancer Diagnosis

Dr. Dhiraj Khadakban and Dr. Tejal Khadakban in the desperation of achieving the most accurate diagnosis of cancer, refer their patients to the most reliable diagnostic centres for different tests like MRI Scan, PET-CT Scan, Mammography, Biopsy, FNAC, Bone Scan, General blood profile etc.

Phoenix cancer clinic & hospital will soon install all these services inhouse to establish self control over accuracy of diagnosis of different cancers.