Welcome to Phoenix Cancer Clinic

Treating Cancer with Humanity
Provide evidence based treatment to all Cancer patients at an affordable cost.
No patient should undergo suffering of Cancer disease due to lack of treatment facilities.
Treating every cancer patient with Humanity, beyond his social and economic status

Phoenix, as the name suggests is a distinguished cancer care hospital with a State of the Art facility for the comprehensive treatment of those patients suffering with cancer. Phoenix cancer clinic & hospital is a brainchild of 2 eminent, like minded cancer surgeons, Dr. Tejal Khadakban and Dr. Dhiraj Khadakban; who treat medical profession as truly a means of social responsibility and social justice.

While prominent figures in medical profession are busy with their sky-high treatment facilities in cities, Dr. Tejal Khadakban and Dr. Dhiraj Khadakban have dared to come to outskirts of Mumbai i.e. in Kalyan, Thane district 3 years ago to serve as a source of the best cancer treatment for patients suffering with dreadful disease like cancer, at the same time, rescue of underprivileged and socially neglected sections of people and their sufferings.

With over more than 1500 successful cancer surgeries in their independent practise in Kalyan and area surrounding it, producing best outcomes over last 3 years, they have created an undisputable & unparallel trust in the minds of patients who suffer with various types of cancer. They have an overall experience of successful cancer surgeries over 3000 which includes their glittering career with Asian institute of oncology, Mumbai before they came to Kalyan and established Phoenix cancer clinic and hospital. Their noble semi-charitable approach to the treatment of cancer and unparallel care and compassion towards cancer patients itself is the healing factor for many cancer patients.

Contrasting the pervasive fact that satisfaction is contagious, the level of satisfaction achieved by their patients soon spread to the community in the vicinity of Phoenix as a result, those who were traveling to big centres in Mumbai for cancer treatment started coming to Phoenix Cancer Treatment.

Why Kalyan and outside Mumbai?

There are various reasons why Dr. Tejal Khadakban and Dr. Dhiraj Khadakban decided to come to Kalyan while compromising flourishing careers in Mumbai.

  1. Incidences of cancer are on the rise in Kalyan and beyond due to rise in urbanization, existence of industrial clusters and their horrifying chemical emissions giving rise to cancer incidences.
  2. There are very few cancer physicians who are willing to come to developing places like Kalyan for their own reasons. Kalyan is a junction and an entry point for people coming from Karjat, Kasara, Pune and Nasik to Mumbai.
  3. There are no comprehensive facilities for the treatment of cancer in the belt of Kalyan and down, up to Karjat, Kasara and outskirts of Pune and Nasik.
  4. Many middle and lower income population resides in these areas who are deprived of a good cancer treating facility due to lack of infrastructure which they can afford in real sense.
  5. Income of most of patients is hand-to-mouth to be able to afford high priced treatments for cancer in Mumbai.
  6. Class of patients with high purchasing power in this region were deprived of high class cancer treatment facility, perhaps they had to travel far, seeking the best treatment.
  7. Nearest government centre for patients can be Tata Memorial Hospital which is more than 30 km away from Kalyan, cumbersome and highly inconvenient for patients to travel, keep follow ups frequently. Tata Hospital itself is over occupied with existing load of cancer patients.

Contrasting the pervasive fact that every patient is entitled for a good quality treatment for any disease for that matter including cancer irrespective of their financial position, Dr. Tejal Khadakban and Dr. Dhiraj Khadakban are absolutely aligned to this philosophy point-blank. They wish to serve these patients which otherwise would have been deprived of a high quality cancer treatment at the most affordable cost. Phoenix Cancer clinic & hospital is aligned to the policies of social justice of government of India in the healthcare sector and truly living the profession which is a promising endeavour for patients suffering with cancer.

Why choose Cancer hospital near you?

Management of Cancer involves long term treatment which is expensive in nature. Moreover, it needs frequent visits to hospital / treating doctor for follow-ups on diagnosis and treatment. For patients on treatment, it is even more critical to have the hospital in the vicinity of their residence so that the post treatment care of patient becomes convenient.

Cancer treatment subjects patients to many side effects some of which require immediate attention of the doctor. It becomes all the more convenient for patients to frequently contact doctor for such emergencies and ensure they are addressed to satisfaction and on time

Why Choose Phoenix Cancer Clinic & Hospital?

There are few important reasons why one should choose Phoenix Cancer Clinic

  1. 1.It is the only ‘State of the Art’, speciality cancer hospital with renowned cancer surgeons, Dr. Tejal Khadakban and Dr. Dhiraj Khadakban, including attached chemotherapy specialist doctors in Kalyan and outskirts of Kalyan.
  2. There is no other dedicated cancer centre in Kalyan stretching right upto Karjat and Kasara.
  3. Phoenix cancer clinic & hospital has a rich experience of successfully treating over 2000 cancer patients in a span of 3 years.
  4. Phoenix cancer clinic & hospital employs the most dependable and highly experienced cancer specialists from other streams like chemotherapy specialist, best medical & nursing staff, trained in the treatment of cancer.
  5. Phoenix cancer clinic & hospital uses the best surgical approach in cancer surgery to offer patients with the most recent, updated and advanced surgical techniques
  6. Phoenix cancer clinic and hospital has ‘State of the Art’ ICU unit backup which is most critical in case of cancer surgeries to handle cancer surgery or chemotherapy related emergencies.
  7. Phoenix cancer clinic & hospital has empanelment of various medical reimbursement and cashless service providers and their third party administrations (TPAs).